10 Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

National Craft Month logo from CHAMarch is National Craft Month. Given that most of us around here are needleworkers, crafting is already a part of our lives, so merely doing something crafty is not much of a celebration.

To my way of thinking, a “celebration” should be something special, not something we do every day. As crafters, we’re going to have to stretch a little farther to give this month its due. Here are ten ways we might do that:

  • Set aside time every day this month to craft, even if it’s only 15 minutes.
  • Splurge on a new fabric or fiber we’ve been dying to try.
  • Speaking of dying…we could try dyeing a fabric or fiber on our own.
  • Craft a pattern mash-up. Take elements from two or more patterns and combine them in a single project.
  • Sign up for a class to learn a new technique or create a cool project.
  • Add a different craft medium to our needlework, like paint, clay, paper, beading, wire work, mosaics, photography, etc.
  • Craft a party. Invite friends over for a day of crafting together.
  • Teach someone to stitch. Share the love; share the joy; share your skills.
  • Finish a project that’s been back-burnered too long.
  • Take a picture of a project you create this month and enter it into CHA’s #CRE8TIME contest.

    How To Enter

    Take a picture of your finished project and upload it to the #CRE8TIME Facebook contest app (www.facebook.com/cre8time) or the Instagram contest app (www.instagram.com/cre8time). Be sure to hashtag your picture #CRE8TIME and explain your entry in the photo description area provided. All entries will be judged by creative industry professionals.

    What You Can Win

    1st Prize: Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit
    2nd prize: Plaid Gift Basket
    3rd Prize: iLoveToCreate Tulip Body Art Kit

Embroidery floss, Treasure Tape, sparkly fabric, paper patterns

Can you tell what I’m working on just now? These are some of the materials I’m using.

If your crafting time has diminished or completely disappeared in the busyness of life, now’s the time to Cre8time to be Cre8tive. The start of a new month, the celebration of a national event: These are great reasons to establish or re-establish new habits or a new schedule, one that carves out time for you to do something you love and you know is important.

Mike and I have re-established our reading-and-stitching evenings. I can’t show you what I’m working on just now, but these are some of the things I’m using.

What are you working on? Will you enter something in this contest? I think I’ll enter one of my barrettes.

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