6 Reasons to Stitch at Baseball Games

I love baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, embroidery…

(In truth, I love only three of those things.)

6 Reasons to Stitch at Baseball Games

‘Tis the season for stitching in the stands…or the dugout. Whether you’re watching in Camden Yards or the backyard, and maybe even if you’re playing, baseball games can be good places to get your stitching on.

  • There’s a heap of down time between pitches, batters, innings, and games when you can sneak in a few (hundred) stitches.
  • Natural daylight is The Best for stitching, and the bright lights at night games work, too.
  • You’re stitching in public, which is great for meeting other stitchers, entertaining those around you, and sharing stitchy fun. (Take extra supplies for interested onlookers.)
  • You’re multi-tasking, supporting a great person or team and crafting something cool (perhaps a gift) simultaneously.
  • Keeping your hands busy is a good excuse to pass on less-than-healthy ballpark food. (Or forget nutrition and stitch a napkin so you have something to wipe your hands on.)
  • If you stab your finger, you can jump around, scream, and holler, and people won’t think you’re odd; they’ll admire your team spirit.

What to Stitch at Baseball Games

Something smallish, so it’s easy to keep track of, pick up, and put down. You’re not going to haul your floor frame out to the field, I’m guessing, and I don’t advise anything with confetti stitches, goldwork, seed beads, etc. Good ‘ol cross stitch comes to mind.

Oh, I know! How about a baseball-themed bookmark—or mini picture, book cover, etc.? We’ve got two baseball-themed patterns, pitched as bookmarks, both of which can be stitched in hand, so no hoop or frame necessary. Both are digi-pats (digital patterns), so you can print just the pattern page to take along (no multi-page leaflet), and you don’t have to worry about folding it, stepping on it, or otherwise trashing it because you can always print another as needed.

Going, Going, Gone! Baseball Cross Stitch Pattern

A baseball being hit out of the ball park

Going, Going, Gone! is a cross stitch baseball bookmark pattern. I’ve stitched it on a Tokens & Trifles star card, but it can be stitched on fabric, too.

Going, Going, Gone! uses a Tokens & Trifles star stitching card, which is great for stitching in hand, but you can also stitch the pattern on fabric for framing or finishing any number of other ways. It uses just a handful of thread colors and is even available as a kit, with all the materials already collected and bagged.

If you stitch the perimeter stitches of different areas, you can then leave the pattern at home and fill in background and ball stitches while at a game. When I’m out and about, I find it easier to stitch if I don’t need a pattern.

Play Ball! Baseball Cross Stitch Pattern

Funk & Weber Designs cross stitch pattern, Play Ball!, baseball bookmark

The Funk & Weber Designs cross stitch baseball bookmark pattern: Play Ball!

Play Ball is stitched on a bookmark form from Charles Craft. The edges are already neatly and securely finished, and the form is easily stitched in hand.

I love how this one can be personalized: Use your team colors on the hat and for the French knot players on the field. Got a lefty out on the field? Swap the right-hand glove for the left-hand one. (Mike thought of this: He’s a lefty.)

In our quest to find time to stitch, making use of out-and-about time is a great way to get more done. It takes some thought and preparation—I will actually plan and assemble grab-and-go projects—but the payoff is fantastic: I’m present where I need to be; I’m well entertained; I’m accomplishing things I want to accomplish.

Do you stitch when you’re out and about? What do you like best to stitch when you’re on the go? Got any tips you can share?

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