A Tootsie Pop Treat

I thought the phrase “It’s two, two, two treats in one” was from an old Tootsie Pop marketing campaign, hence the title of this post and our own campaign. However, a quick search suggests it might have been a Certs thing instead: two mints in one, a candy and a breath mint.

If that’s the case, this title is a smidge less clever and relevant, but still within the reaches of my tricksy brain. I will not call this “A Certs Treat.” It doesn’t trip off the tongue as gaily, and Certs are almost never a Halloween treat, as Tootsie Pops and this treat are.

So there.

Here’s the Deal

Our treat is two, two, two treats in one: a picture e-book and a pattern.

Jack O' Lantern e-book and Halloween cross stitch tag

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Buy the e-book, The Jack O’ Lantern Tree, for $2.99 at Amazon,
and get the Jack Tag pattern free!

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You do NOT need a Kindle to purchase or read this e-book. There are free apps that allow you to read it on your computer or smart phone. I know. I have the app on my computer.

The Story Behind the Stitchery

Linda's sketch and my stitched piece: Our free Halloween cross stitch pattern

From sketch to stitched.

My friend and Ari’s Garden business partner, Linda Stanek, is the author and illustrator of this book. The story went through our critique group a number of times, so I contributed my two cents to the text.

For years, I’ve encouraged Linda to illustrate—she’s always considered herself primarily a writer—and she has finally done it! Personally, I think her illustrating talents are as strong as her writing talents.

I wanted to help promote her book and asked if I might convert one of her illustrations to a cross stitch chart. She agreed. Unfortunately, because of the details and curves of the illustrations, the resulting design was bigger than I had in mind to do.

So I gave Linda a sheet of graph paper and limitations on curves and asked her to chart a Jack O’ Lantern just two inches or so wide. We decided the finished product would be a tag for a treat bag or a necklace with a Jack face that glows in the dark, like the Jack tree in the story.

Linda follows instructions as well as I do. She freelanced and added the bat, assuring me that I could disregard it if it didn’t mesh with what I had in mind.

Since I love the art and surprise of collaboration and didn’t really have anything in mind anyway, it meshed just fine, and I proceeded to add my two cents with some loop-de-loops and (my beloved) wonky-eyelet spider webs. As always with embroidery, the combination of simple elements yields an interesting piece of needlework. We’re both tickled with it!

About the Book

When Old Jack feels the chilly air, he knows it’s time to create the Jack O’ Lantern Tree. Calling on his fellow pumpkins to participate, their first attempt fails. But wise Old Jack urges cooperation and kindness, and the next attempt yields the desired result: a tree filled with light and good wishes for all. Inspired by the “Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular” at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island, Stanek’s pastels on textured paper lend a misty mood to the rhyming text.

About the Pattern

The design is stitched on 28-ct Cashel Linen “Shadow” from Picture This Plus, using Gentle Art Simply Shaker Sampler Threads for the jack o’ lantern. I used the “blob” stitching method for a realistic, as opposed to striped, look. You can learn the blob stitching method with our overdyed threads tutorial.

We also use Kreinik’s Glow-In-The-Dark thread for Jack’s eyes and mouth so that they will glow when the lights are out.

We use Rainbow Gallery’s Sparkle! Braid for the loop-de-loops which will reflect light.

Finally, I finished the piece with the oh-so-useful Overcast Backstitch Finishing Method.

Get Them Both For $2.99!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Go to Amazon and order The Jack O’ Lantern Tree. You’ll get an email invoice.
  • Forward that invoice to me at mail [AT] funkandweber [DOT] com,
  • and I will send you the Jack Tag pattern pdf as an email attachment.

If your mail system rejects attachments or sends them to SPAM, heads up. Be sure to check your SPAM folder and maybe put Funk & Weber on your white list.

Happy Halloween reading and stitching!

This offer is good through October 31, 2012.

You Asked For It, You Got It!

Some of you have asked to purchase the Jack Tag pattern by itself, without buying the e-book. You don’t have a Kindle, and you don’t want to download an app. I hear you.

I am happy to announce the Jack Tag cross stitch e-pattern is now for sale in our shop.

Thanks for asking!

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  1. Geri

    Hello Jen, When I tried to go to this link on your page >>You can learn the blob stitching method with our overdyed threads tutorial.

    I was directed to this link which gave an error page

    I removed the last http:/ and it took me to the correct page …. Just thought you would want to know about it 🙂

    Have a good day!

    November 6, 2012 @ 9:51 am
  2. Jen

    Indeed I would! Thanks, Geri. Link fixed.

    November 6, 2012 @ 10:00 am

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