Another Contest for D-I-Y Framing

“A good picture deserves a good frame and a bad picture may sometimes preserve its place longer by having a handsome frame.” ~ Charles Willson Peal c. 1807

So I was reading about the history of picture frames. They’ve been a part of Western art since early Roman times. Hmmm…is this an excuse to revisit Italy photos? Why, yes, I believe it is!

In the Medieval period, the 11th and 12th centuries, the frame was painted as part of the picture, like these frescoes in Villa d’Este.

Fresco at Villa d'Este

A patterned frame is painted around a hunting scene in this fresco at Villa d’Este in Italy.


Fresco with a painted frame in Villa d'Este

This fresco, painted above a window, also has a frame painted around it.


The first wooden frames appeared during the 13th century. They were used in churches and were built by craftsmen who built screens, pulpits, and choir stalls.

Plain wood frame around painting of Saints Sebastian and Rocca.

Here’s a very plain wood frame. I wonder if it is actually from this time period.


Carved wood frame around a Madonna and Child painting.

This looks more like something a choir stall craftsman would make, don’t you think?


Many of the wood frames during this period were arched triptychs. We saw these triptychs, but apparently only in No Photos zones.

Another popular 13th-century style was tabernacle frames, which incorporated pilasters and half columns. These, I believe, are tabernacle frames.

Saint Lucy in a tabernacle frame.

Saint Lucy in a tabernacle frame.


Perugino's Assumption of Mary in a tabernacle frame.

Perugino’s “Assumption of Mary” in a tabernacle frame.


During the Renaissance, frame making passed from the artists themselves to furniture and cabinet makers, and the a new craft evolved, which spread throughout Europe. But I don’t have pictures of that, so I’m ending the story here. Interesting subject, though. And oh so fun to realize that I’ve seen some of the early Western frames.


The D-I-Y Framing Class

Just like the great artists of Italy, we’ll be making our own frames for our embroidery in February! (How’s that for a segue?)

We’re holding another contest to give away a spot in that class. Follow instructions in the box below to earn as many as three entries in the contest.

Mark. Set. Go!

Update: Your first entry asks you to answer a question, and then you click “Enter.” You’re supposed to type your answer in the comments; the box takes your word for it that you did, indeed, answer the question. I realize that wasn’t made clear at all! I’m learning…

If you clicked “Enter,” you’re entered, but from here on out, please type your answer to the question in the comments. Thanks!


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