Best Photo Forward Contest Winner

Winner imageMelissa and I asked what your biggest image-editing problems are, and you told us. Thank you! In exchange, we offer a free ticket to the Best Photo Forward Webinar to a random commenter.

I consulted the Random Number Generator today, and the winner is


Kerry is an excellent crazy quilter. Take a look at her work on the KerryKatieCakes blog and be inspired.

Kerry made a commitment on January 1 to stitch for 15 minutes every day. Her reason?

If I stitch for 15 minutes, I am likely to keep going and stitch longer. If I don’t stitch at all today, I likely won’t stitch tomorrow either and inertia sets in. Next thing you know, your muse has flown the coop again… So, 15 minutes a day minimum! (Try it – this works!)

Excellent advice, Kerry! I think I’ll join Kerry in her commitment this summer when gardening tends to bump stitching down on my priority list. I need to make time for both.

Best Photo Forward webinarCongratulations, Kerry! We’ll see you on March 20th for the Best Photo Forward webinar, and together we’ll learn to make digital images of our needlework look (almost) as awesome as the real thing.

Remember, the Early Bird pricing—a 20% discount—is in effect through March 10th. Now’s a great time to register for the Best Photo Forward: Refining Photos of Fine Embroidery webinar.

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