Colorful Critters Cross Stitch Bundle

Last week, we resurrected the Clownfish Puzzle pattern. I told you it was intended to be the first in a series of patterns. Does Puzzle Pisces come to mind? Well, that’s not it. Nope, Puzzle Pisces was already in print when we designed the clownfish.

The Story Behind the Stitchery

Tree frog counted cross stitch pattern by Funk & Weber Designs

The Colorful Critters tree frog stitched as a puzzle with two pieces missing.

In the beginning, the clownfish pattern was to be the first of the Colorful Critters collection, which initially was intended to be a series of puzzle patterns. Indeed, I stitched the frog and butterfly as puzzles before deciding to scrap the puzzle angle.

One reason for dropping the puzzle aspect was that we didn’t like missing pieces being stitched in white because the raised texture seemed all wrong for what should be a hole. But we didn’t like leaving those pieces un-stitched, either; something about the fabric color—which I loved—just wasn’t working with the idea that there was supposed to be a hole there. We wanted it to be white or some color different from the fabric.

Also, perhaps more importantly, with the butterfly, we lost the puzzle pieces in the black pattern of the wings. I could imagine the complaints, “All that backstitching and it doesn’t even show up???”

Butterfly counted cross stitch pattern by Funk & Weber Designs

The black lines of the puzzle pieces get lost in the black patterns of the wing.

So we decided to try the animals without the puzzle lines, and ultimately decided we preferred them that way. We cut the clownfish out of the mix and added an angelfish instead. Goodness knows there’s no shortage of cool colorful fish to choose from, right? (Someday, I’m going to stitch a parrotfish. I love parrotfish!)

These two models continue to sit in my collection of rejects waiting their turn to be useful. Don’t be sad: My reject collection is a lovely, hopeful, and cherished thing.

Critter Bundle

Colorful Critters cross stitch pillow by Funk & Weber Designs

My Partridge Family Critter Pillow!

Recalling the origin of the Colorful Critters collection inspires me to have some fun with them. We’re going to bundle them all together and offer the collection at a special rate. The normal price is $6.00 per pattern or $30 for the collection of five patterns. Now, when you purchase the bundle, you can get 33% off: that’s all six patterns for $20.

Get your Colorful Critters Collection now.

With all five patterns, you, too, can create what I call my Partridge Family Critter Pillow. Remember the Partridge Family bus?

Or perhaps you’d rather finish your animals like Dawn finished her tree frog.

Finishing possibilities are endless. Let us know how you finish your Colorful Critters. Send pictures and details to mail {AT} funkandweber {DOT} com.

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