DIY Framing class for embroidery, by Funk & Weber Designs

Do you have completed embroideries tucked away in a drawer, waiting to be finished into something that can be displayed?

Would you rather not pay hundreds of dollars to have them framed professionally?

Are you reluctant to try to frame them yourself, unsure how to go about it?

Would you like the satisfaction of framing your embroidery yourself?


Well, we’ve got just the thing, and you’ve found it!


Can you frame your own embroidery? Absolutely!


Embroidery laced to backing

Learn to mount your embroidery to a backing with simple lacing.

Whether using mats and frames from craft supply stores or making them from scratch, choosing how to display a piece of needlework is exciting! The endless choices can also be overwhelming.

In DIY Framing, you’ll learn how to get beautiful results without spending hundreds of dollars—and we’ll get super-creative and have a heap of fun!


Get the scoop on all these things

  • How to clean, block, and press your embroidery
  • How to mount the embroidery to a backing
  • How to choose and/or make a mat—or not
  • How to choose and/or make a frame
  • Whether to use glass or not
  • How to finish the back side and add hardware


Sign up now and let’s get that embroidery finished!



Your Purchase is Risk Free

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Let’s Do This!

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