DIY Framing: Upcycling Mats and Frames

With the DIY Framing class right around the corner, I’ve got embroidery framing on my mind. Everywhere I look, I see framing materials and ideas.

Frames and mat materials from the thrift store

For a very few bucks, we got some glass, a bunch of mat material–in the frames and by itself–and some frames. I see some upcycling in the coming weeks!

While in town yesterday, we stopped at a few thrift stores and picked up some glass, mat material, and frames for a very few bucks. There was so much to choose from, I could be picky.

Huh. Just now, as I write, I regret passing up the 99-cent pink suede jacket. That could have been cool framing material. :-/ Dang!

I don’t know that I’d use any of these as they are, but they’re in good shape and will make good starting points for upcycling—making them better than they currently are. I particularly don’t like the little pink frame, but it will make a fine base for a decoupage project I have in mind.

Whether I use just the glass from a frame or a mat or some other part, the price is hard to beat. Plus, I gave a wee bit of money to a good cause; I’m keeping this stuff out of a landfill; I’m re-using existing materials instead of demanding new; and I’m going to have wonderful fun altering them in my own style.

If you’re taking the class—and I hope you are!—take a look at the embroidery you have to frame and then see what you can find that you might be able to use. Check the attic, the basement, yard sales, and thrift stores. Frames and framing materials are everywhere!

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