Going, Going, Gone! Bookmark Finishing

If you’re stitching the Going, Going, Gone! Bookmark pattern as we did, on a Tokens & Trifles Trinkets Star Card, here are illustrated instructions for finishing. We’re using the kit materials which include Kreinik’s Treasure Tape, white card stock backing, and a red ribbon.

  • Baseball cross stitch bookmark: Going, Going, Gone!

    Cross Stitch Baseball Bookmark

    The Going, Going, Gone! kit contains all the materials needed to complete a bookmark like this. The pattern is also available as a digital download (i.e., a pdf).

    After stitching the star, if you have your own idea about how you’d like to finish your bookmark, yay! Go for it!

  • Funk & Weber Designs, embroidered bookmark finishing tutorial

    Step 1: Cut star from tape

    Using the “empty” Tokens and Trifles Trinkets™ card as a stencil, trace the star shape onto the white side of the Treasure Tape™ sheet and cut it out. Save your tape scraps! We’re going to use them later.

  • Funk & Weber Designs, adhere Treasure Tape star to card stock backing

    Step 2: Adhere Tape to Backing

    Note which point of the star points up, then peel away the white paper backing on the tape and press the tape star to the white card backing. Cut around the pink star shape.

    You remember which point is up, right?

  • Funk & Weber Designs, add tape scraps to top of ribbon along edges

    Step 3: Add Tape Scraps to Ribbon

    With the top point pointing up, peel away the pink layer from the tape and center the ribbon on the backing with a long tail on top and a short tail on the bottom,* front side of the ribbon (if there is a front side) facing up.

    Using tape scraps (which you saved, right?), cut pieces to stick on the front side of the ribbon where it will adhere to the needlework along the edge of the star. Here’s where an image comes in handy.

    It’s hard to see in the picture because the pink protective layer on the tape blends with the red ribbon, but note the arrows pointing to the two outlined shapes. Those are scraps of tape that I cut and adhered to the front side of the ribbon. I don’t worry about the middle of the ribbon; I want tape to seal the edges of the star. I used the Trinkets card as a stencil to get a perfect fit along the edge.


How your orient the ribbon is up to you and how you plan to use the bookmark. You might want the ribbon to extend beyond the top of the star only (no short tail below the star), or you might want the long tail extending from the bottom.

A long tail from the bottom of the star means the star has to stand straight up from the book to be right-side-up. A long tail from the top of the star means the star has to drape over the book to be right-side-up. Think of the ribbon doing a U-turn: it goes up between the pages in the book then turns around and hangs down over the book. (See the picture below.)

  • Funk & Weber Designs, Going, Going, Gone! embroidered baseball bookmark in use

    Step 4: Press Embroidery to Backing

    Taking care to match the edges, press the back of the stitched star onto the taped ribbon and backing. Trim card edges as needed, and trim ribbon edges. If you want, dab a bit of glue on the cut ribbon edges to prevent fraying.

    Ta-da! You’re done! Wasn’t that easy and fun?

Ideas to Spare, Ideas to Share

Right now, the bookmark back is blank. The white card surface is a great place to personalize the bookmark with the recipient’s name, your own, and/or a note.

Or maybe you’d like to decoupage the back with pictures of your favorite team or players, or with bits cut from a game program. It’s probably a good idea to do this before you adhere the needlework; you don’t want to get decoupage glue on the needlework, unless, of course, you want to decoupage the front as well as the back.

Or maybe you want to take the bookmark or backing to a Stitch N’ Pitch game and get autographs of your favorite players!

Or, or, or…something else. You tell me.

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