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Heya, stitchy friend!

  • Do you have embroidery that is stitched but not yet made up for display or use?
  • Are you concerned that you don’t have the skills to handle finishing?
  • Have you previously tried and gotten stuck or failed?

After 15 years of working professionally in the needlework industry, framing and finishing most of my own pieces, and after a lifetime of sewing by machine and hand, including quilts, pillows, clothes, curtains, and more . . .

I can teach you to finish your embroidery.

  • You don’t need fancy or expensive tools.
  • You don’t need years of training or super-natural talent.
  • You don’t need expensive, specialized, or hard-to-find materials.
  • You do need a sense of adventure, a willingness to try, and a commitment to Finish It!

A sewing machine is helpful for the Piecing and PillowPalooza classes; although, if you like hand-sewing, even these can be done by hand. I’ll use a sewing machine, though.

Get immediate access to detailed instructions for framing, hemstitching, piecing, or making pillows. Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s do this! I can’t wait to share crafty finishing adventures with you!

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The Bundle includes all four D-I-Y Embroidery Finishing classes.

DIY Framing







DIY Embroidery Framing Class, by Funk & Weber Designs


D-I-Y Framing

Whether using mats and frames from craft supply stores or making them from scratch, learn how to get beautiful results without spending hundreds of dollars. Detailed written and illustrated instructions cover the following:

  • How to clean, block, and press your embroidery
  • How to mount the embroidery to a backing
  • How to choose and/or make a mat—or not
  • How to choose and/or make a frame
  • Whether to use glass or not
  • How to finish the back side and add hardware




Hemstitching Class, by Funk & Weber Designs



With hemstitching you can create embroidery pieces that stand alone, without needing a frame or backing or other container. You don’t need a sewing machine, special tools or materials. Use the embroidery threads and needles you already have to hand-stitch secure edges to make placemats, table runners, wall hangings, coasters, tags, and more. You can even frame the piece when you are finished: Stitch it to an uncut, linen-covered mat or float mount it in a shadow box.

Fun, easy-to-follow written instructions and photographs explain the following in detail:

  • Hem anatomy
  • How to miter corners
  • How to withdraw threads
  • The hemstitch
  • Decorative hemstitching
  • Needleweaving and inverting elements
  • Corner fillings




Piecing Class, by Funk & Weber Designs



Combining simple sewing with embroidery opens the door to endless finishes that can be as functional as they are beautiful. Add borders, backing, and binding to your embroidery to create quilts, wall hangings, table runners, placemats, bags, clothes, pillows, coasters, and more. Revel in gorgeous, complementary fabrics that make your embroidery shine.

Detailed written instructions and loads of pictures explain in simple terms how to do the following:

  • How to clean and block embroidery
  • How to make a plan
  • Cutting fabric borders
  • Adding binding
  • How to stitch and turn
  • How to join multiple embroideries




PillowPalooza Embroidery Finishing Class, Funk & Weber Designs



Pillows are wonderful things. They can deck holiday trees, scissors, and doorknobs. Yes, doorknobs. They can brighten, add interest, and change the mood of a chair, a couch, a whole room. They can provide comfort and support. They are things of beauty that we, ourselves, can make.

In PillowPalooza, you’ll learn basic pillow construction along with the particulars of tiny fob- and ornament-style pillows, tuckable pillows (great gifts for non-sewing, stitchy friends), and envelope pillows (my personal favorite). Plus, we’ll get creative and have heaps of fun!

Detailed written instructions accompanied by clear photographs will teach you the following:

  • How to clean and block embroidery
  • Basic pillow construction
  • Tiny pillows stitched by hand
  • Tuckable pillows
  • Envelope pillows
  • Self-made ruffles and piping
  • Couching trim
  • Installing a zipper
  • Easiest flange ever




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