First Finish of ’14

We stitchy folk definitely have an issue with the word “finish.”

We use it when we complete the embroidery stitches of an embroidered piece, as in “here’s my latest finish.”

Embroidered and beaded barrette

Why, yes, this is my latest finish, thankyouverymuch.

It’s also the word we use when we “make up” the embroidery into whatever final product it’s going to be, a framed picture, an ornament, a barrette, or whatever. In this case, we “finish” the embroidery that was already finished.

Embroidery: A craft so nice, we finish it twice.

I think one reason we finish our embroidery twice is because compared to other crafts, stitching takes for flipping ever. Our paper-crafting friends are finishing things left and right, so we eke out finishes every chance we get. What do they know?

Another reason we struggle with the word “finish” is because, well, what else are we going to call this stuff? End? Stop? Close? Terminus?

I want to go stitch in Finland so I can say “I just finished my Finnish finish.”

I hope to finish this finish soon.

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