Let There Be Night Collection

Let There Be Night Cross Stitch Pattern Collection by Funk & Weber Designs

This e-book contains all eleven of the Let There Be Night Stitchlings.

Our first big digi-pat conversion! You’ve been asking, and now you’ve got it: the Let There Be Night Stitchlings in digital download form.

Save the patterns on your hard drive or a thumb drive and print only the pages you need. Use scrap paper then fold the pages, write on them, let the kids play with them; you can always print another copy if you lose or destroy the first.

Even better, we’ve put all eleven patterns together in a single file. How convenient!

Better still, buying the whole collection is cheaper than buying the patterns individually.

And best of all, we’re joining the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday hoopla and putting the whole package on sale! We’ll call it our

Black-and-White Weekend Sale!

You know I can’t resist this stuff.

This Let There Be Night e-book contains all eleven of the Let There Be Night Stitchling cross stitch patterns.

  • Silent Night
  • Arctic Night
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Antarctic Night
  • Looner Night
  • African Night
  • Dead of Night
  • Night Howl
  • Lovely Night
  • Night Lights
  • “Bearly” Night

From Black (and White) Friday through Cyber Monday, November 26, you can get the complete Let There Be Night Collection for more than 50% off. Individually, the eleven patterns are normally $66, this weekend you can get them all in the e-book for $30.

No standing in line at midnight. No racing for a limited quantity. And no shipping charge. No puzzle to solve. No secret back-door entrances. No convoluted steps to take.

Nope, it’s all pretty black and white.

If you’ve ever wanted some or all of these patterns, now’s a great time to go get ’em.

One Response to “Let There Be Night Collection”

  1. Mel

    Just bought and downloaded. Great set and fabulous conversion! I love the frontispiece by Jen as well as the high quality cover photos and stitch diagrams.

    I wish more designers produced such professional digital collections.

    Can’t wait for the next one.

    Not affiliated with Funk $ Weber, just a very satisfied customer from Australia.

    November 24, 2012 @ 2:36 pm

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