Like Finding $10 In A Pocket

Surely it’s happened to you: You put on a jacket you haven’t worn in months or years, or you dig out a purse that hasn’t seen the light of day for ages, and when you reach in the jacket pocket or purse, you find a dollar—or five dollars or twenty dollars. It’s exciting, isn’t it? You know it’s been yours all along, but, still, it feels new, like a gift.

Forgotten tag - Funk & Weber Designs

I unfolded a long unused piece of fabric and found this!

Well, I was poking through my fabric stash recently, and I unfolded this lovely piece of red . . . I think it’s Jobelan. It’s long been a favorite fabric, primarily because of the brilliant red color, but the color was discontinued long ago, and so the fabric was relegated to personal use only. (My favorite bracelet is made out of this fabric.)

Well, looky what I found when I unfolded the fabric. Score! I vaguely recall stitching this during one of my tag jags. The “Happy Birthday” isn’t centered properly, so I’m guessing I set it aside to rip and re-stitch, got distracted (yeah, shocking), and forgot about it.

It’s a Noodle (needlework doodle). I wasn’t making it for any specific purpose; I was just mucking about. I do that. And it’s not unusual for me to Noodle something on the corner of a large piece of fabric so that it runs the risk of being folded up and forgotten. This isn’t the first time I’ve discovered a stitchy surprise.

My question is: Does this happen to you? I would guess yes, but I’m not sure all stitchers Noodle the way I do. Some, it seems, are more purposeful in their project choices. I know we all have UFOs, and those might wind up as stitchy surprises.

I’ll finish this now and will make it a bookmark to accompany a birthday book in the coming months.

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  1. Bev

    A nice surprise to find – Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2011 @ 5:26 am

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