New Funk & Weber Designs Pattern!

Woo-hoo!Woo-hoo! We’re introducing a brand-new bookmark design today—our first downloadable pattern! (I’ve bought two to make sure the shopping cart, emails, and files all work as they should. I think they do.)

It’s been a long time since we’ve released a new pattern, and we couldn’t be more excited. Like every story, there are two sides to this bookmark. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stitch both sides. You’re allowed to take just one side.

Since we’re releasing the design on Valentine’s Day, you might think there’s a connection. There isn’t, but it’s pretty easy to make some:

  • We love embroidery.
  • We love reading.
  • We love stitching bookmarks.

Too easy and obvious? All right, how ’bout this: The bookmark has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but because it is Valentine’s Day and we love and appreciate our enthusiastic stitchers, we’ll offer a one-day red-heart deal? (Red-heart, red-hot—get it?) Still easy and obvious, but better, no?


Hmm. If I tell you I’m reserving my creativity for my current WIP, will you believe me?

Maybe we should just get on with the pattern introduction. All righty then. You’ll have to go here.

That’s right. We’re introducing a brand new Funk & Weber Designs pattern, but we’re not doing it on the Funk & Weber site.

Am I not doing this right?

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