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Stitching and Finishing Embroidered Bookmarks

Bookmark Tips, Tricks, & Brilliant Ideas - Funk & Weber Designs

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I don’t want to think about, let alone admit, how long I’ve been saying I would collect and assemble the myriad bookmark tips, tricks, and tutorials I’ve posted in The Needlework Nutshell, on the Funk & Weber website, and on the Stitching for Literacy blog. I also don’t want to think about the posts and articles I missed: There are over 1,200 to sift through! Who knew?

I do, however, want to tell you about Bookmark Tips, Tricks, & Brilliant Ideas. (And, apparently, I also want to type that over and over. Whose idea was it to give it such a long title, anyway?) There’s a heap of fun waiting for you inside this e-book!


Why a Bookmark E-book?

Running the Stitching for Literacy program, I’m often peppered with questions about how to finish bookmarks. Invariably, I search the Stitching for Literacy blog for links to useful posts and wish I had an easy way to find tutes from old newsletters.

I like writing the blog and newsletter because it forces me to generate ideas, some of which turn out to be good, especially when critiqued and improved by readers. The blog and newsletter are a sort of public needlework playground.

But blog posts are quickly buried, and newsletter articles, while archived, cannot be easily searched. The good stuff—or suddenly relevant stuff—gets lost within the mountain of other stuff. I wanted to make the Bookmark e-book to organize and make accessible the tips, tricks, & brilliant ideas we’ve shared in the past.



Window Bookmark - Funk & Weber Designs

A window bookmark. When I first published the idea for window bookmarks on the Stitching for Literacy blog, I hadn't actually made any. It was just an idea. I've made some now, and I really like them!

The e-book contains helpful info on the following:

  • Online Resources – Links to step-by-step tutorials on the Funk & Weber site.
  • Bookmark Forms & Backings
  • Hooks & Ribbons – So the embroidery can be visible.
  • Stitch Bands – Three ways to finish those short ends.
  • Card Stock: Ready-Made Tags
  • Card Stock: Stitching Cards
  • Card Stock: Self-Made Backing – Includes printable templates.
  • Card Stock: Window Bookmarks – Includes printable templates.
  • Stitching on Card Stock – A how-to.
  • Protective Vinyl Sleeves – We carry them, as does Gayle at Accents, Inc.
  • Sisu’s Pocket Bookmark – A step-by-step tutorial.
  • Outreach Patterns – Patterns plus the super-quick finishing method we use during outreach Make-It-Take-Its.
  • Bookmarks 101 Class – For a more in-depth exploration of finishing techniques.

I hope you find this e-book fun and useful, and I hope you’ll join me and fellow Nuts on the stitchy playground in The Needlework Nutshell.

Grab your copy of Bookmark Tips, Tricks, and Brilliant Ideas and, well, go Nuts. Then tell your stitchy friends how they can get theirs (pop over here and subscribe). Thanks!


Bookmark Patterns

Can’t get enough bookmark patterns? We’ve got more! And when you buy Funk & Weber bookmark patterns, part of your money goes to support literacy nonprofits, like First Book.


A Secret Link to a Nutty Deal!

Pattern covers for Stitching for Literacy cross stitch bookmark patterns.

Stitching for Literacy cross-stitch bookmark patterns by Funk & Weber Designs.

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Cross stitch bookmarks

Funk & Weber bookmark collection

Three of the patterns are digital, so they’re always free to ship, and the other four are card-sized patterns which I can slip into a greeting card envelope and ship first class rather than priority. We’ll just tiptoe past the shipping calculator. Shhhhh!

Crazy? You betcha! Welcome to the Nutshell!

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Just for Nuts: $44.00 $19.99


Not interested, or it’s not the right time? No worries! You’ve got lots of bookmark goodness in the Bookmark Tips, Tricks, & Brilliant Ideas e-book to keep you busy, and we’ll see you in the Nutshell with more stitchy fun. We’re super excited to have you on board!

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