Reads a Story Ambigram

Funk & Weber, Becca's Reads-a-Story Ambigram bookmark

The arrows point to Becca's clever bookmark personalization.

What’s better than a hand-embroidered bookmark made especially for you? A hand-embroidered bookmark with your name on it!

Becca, from New Mexico, personalizes a Reads-a-Story Ambigram bookmark by stitching the recipient’s name on the spine of a book above the word “Reads.” Then, turning the bookmark upside down, she stitches the word “a” on a book spine above “Story.” The end result is “Sam Reads (turn the bookmark over) a Story.”

Lucky Sam! I’ll bet she reads loads of stories with this bookmark. (Yes, Sam’s a “she.”)

Is this great, or what? I can’t wait to do the same!

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