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Hand-made pearl fibers

Hand-made pearl fibers.

For a quick reminder on how to make pearl threads, download the Make Pearl Threads Program Notes.

Now that you know how to make pearl fibers, what will you do with them?


Finish Stitchy Doo-Dads

I use pearls to finish stitchy doo-dads, like bracelets, bookmarks, tags, zipper pulls, ornaments, coasters, and more.

Learn how with our two e-books:

  • Embroider Me! Bracelet Basics & Beyond
  • Bookmarks 101: Simple, Smart, and Swanky Finishes


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Because you attended our Make Pearl Fibers webinar, we’re offering you a Nutty deal. Right now, for a limited time, get both e-books for 50% off.

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About the E-books

Embroidery Me! Bracelet Basics & Beyond

(Front room shop price: $14.99)

Griffen stitch bracelet; the model used in the e-book.

We use a griffen stitch pattern to learn the bracelet process, but the decorative stitch can be anything under the sun!

Get your needlework off the wall and into your life. Stitch a fabulous, fully-customized bracelet at your own pace, anytime. Four lessons, with patterns, diagrams, and photos will guide you step-by-step from start to finish. Basic knowledge of needlework techniques required: beginning and ending threads, reading a diagram, etc.

Once you’ve learned the bracelet basics, you can alter the decorative stitch, change fabrics and fibers, and add beads and charms to create an infinite number of one-of-a-kind, perfectly-sized bracelets.

Ebook outline
  • Lesson 1: The Decorative Stitch
  • Lesson 2: Edge Finishing
  • Lesson 3: Back Finishing
  • Lesson 4: Stringing beads and clasps
Materials List

Our class pattern uses any 28-ct. evenweave fabric or 14-ct. Aida and #8 pearl cotton. Seed beads, accent beads, beading thread, and clasps complete the bracelets.

Fabric: 28-count Blueberry Meran (3793/100) from Zweigart®
Floss: DMC size 8 pearl cotton in red, green, yellow, and purple
Findings: Bright bracelet findings pack

You can substitute any 28-ct evenweave or 14-ct Aida, and, of course, fiber colors of your choice. You can purchase a kit or provide your own materials.

E-book bracelets in different colors and sizes.

The pattern in the e-book can be made in different colors and sizes for a perfect fit.


Bookmarks 101: Simple, Smart, and Swanky Finishes

(Front room shop price: $19.99)

Stitched bookmarks finished myriad ways.

Learn simple, smart, and swanky ways to finish bookmarks and other stitchy doo-dads.

There’s more to embroidered bookmarks than pre-finished rectangular forms. Lots more! Use scraps, stash, beads, buttons, charms, ribbons, hooks, and any and all fabrics and fibers to make simple, smart, and swanky bookmarks.

The trick is in the finishing, except it’s really not so tricky. In fact, it’s easy!

In Bookmarks 101, we’ll learn four general ways to finish bookmarks from scratch, including no-sew methods and three techniques that employ simple backstitching, whip stitching, and fringed edges. We’ll discuss variations of each of the finishing methods, providing dozens of exciting options.

We’ll investigate a variety of materials for adhering, backing, and embellishing, and we’ll explore basic beading and wire work techniques and tools.

Together, we’ll craft one-of-a kind bookmarks that are fully functional and fun to make and use.

This e-book does not address decorative patterns for bookmarks. The focus is on finishing, which can be decorative in its own right. Organize class models in a notebook with the text and notes so you can refer to them as you craft bookmarks in the future.

Bookmarks and Bracelets E-book combo.

Bookmarks and Bracelets E-book combo.

Choose your own materials

No kits are provided. We’ll work with fabrics and fibers from your stash. Collect your scraps; we can put them to use!

Have these to get started:

  • Fabrics of your choice, 3×3-inches and larger. I’ll use aidas, linens, and evenweaves. If you have needlework doodles or UFOs, grab them; we can turn them into bookmarks!
  • Size 8 pearl cotton or silk, any colors

We will introduce and discuss many other materials, but you needn’t purchase them all. You may have some in your stash, or you can purchase the ones you want to use as you work through the book.


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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Bookmarks and Bracelets open the door to the world of stitchy doo-dads. Use the same techniques to craft gifts and ornaments, personalize belongings, and embellish your life with key chain fobs, tags for bags, clips for zips, barrettes, magnets, place cards, gift tags, napkin rings, mug markers, and more.

Embroidered doo-dads, including zipper pulls, bracelets, barrettes, bookmarks, magnets, tags, and more.

Embellish your life with functional embroidery that expresses your style and creativity.


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