The Digi-Paddy Wagon

Funk & Weber Growing Great Ideas: Digi-Paddies

The Ari’s Garden tagline is “Growing great ideas,” a concept I love. This is clipart that illustrates that concept AND provides a hint of what’s coming later this week. A big hint.

We’ve had many requests for digital versions of our patterns, and not just from our international Nuts. I’m thrilled so many of you are on board the digital-pattern wagon. Oh yeah, that’s going to have to be shortened to “digi-paddy wagon”! I call dibs on that name! I wonder if it’s already being used?

Digital patterns offer some nice advantages.

  • They can be stored on a hard disk or thumb drive. No more binders or boxes or…let’s be honest…individual patterns scattered under the bed, between books on the shelf, stuck in bags in the closet.
  • Digi-paddy collections are easier to dust than print pattern collections.
  • No abbreviated instructions because space is limited.
  • Print only the pages you need. Save trees! If there’s not a pattern app already that allows us to highlight stitched parts of patterns, there soon will be. (If you’re developing said app and want input, please contact me.)
  • When the dog snatches your pattern and runs away, or when the kids trample it in the backseat, or when you spill your chai on it, you can print out a clean copy.
  • Digi-paddies don’t get bent or wrinkled or faded or torn.
  • Digi-paddy pages are always in order.
  • Digi-paddies cost less nothing to ship.
  • Indie shops don’t have to use precious space to stock gazillions of patterns. They can focus on fabulous fibers, luscious linens, and useful stitchy tools.

Of course, the very best part of going digital is that we get to say “digi-paddy.” And I get to say it now.

Coming soon—as in on an obvious day later this week—we will unveil our most-requested digi-paddy. I spent the weekend making the conversion. One more run through to proof, and I’ll put it in a pdf and upload it.

Can’t wait to share! And can’t wait to hear you all saying “digi-paddy”!

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