The Winter Groove

How are a baseball glove, a monkey, and a yam alike? They’re all featured on upcoming Funk & Weber Stitching for Literacy bookmark patterns.

We’ve got a wonderful winter groove on just now, with two stretches of stitching scheduled into our days. We watch/listen to an Astronomy course from The Teaching Company in the morning during which I stitch, and we’re reading and stitching in the evening.

Stitch 'N Pitch bookmark

Sneak peek of second Stitch 'N Pitch bookmark.

It’s amazing what gets accomplished in a groove. We’ve got a new bookmark pattern designed, stitched, and finished for TNNA’s Stitch N’ Pitch program. Three guesses as to what the theme is—the first two don’t count. The pattern should be available in early February. It will be the first of our new downloadable patterns.

If you’re participating in the Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy New Blogger Puzzle Contest, Line 8 is as follows:

V L M     A S X M     G M ‘ Z Z     H F S X M     C S N—Y X Y D L      X L C A M

The contest is open to everyone. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, check it out.

Funk & Weber Designs, bookmark in progress

Bookmark teaser #2.

I’ll finish the front side of a second bookmark tonight. It has an optional back side which I’ll probably have time to start, too.

I began the design of the third pattern last week. I described my idea for the second side, and Mike promptly sat down and sketched it on the computer. I love it when he does that! There’s work to be done, but it will be ready by the time I’m finished stitching the second bookmark.

Three new bookmark designs in time for the 2011 Bookmark Challenge. Woot!

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