Trash to Treasure

Most of our snow is gone. ‘Tis the season of mud. And—sigh—garbage. Yesterday, I picked up a Diet Cherry Coke can that had been plowed into the snow berm at the bottom of our driveway. No one here drinks Diet Cherry Coke.

Today, I picked up this:

Wire trash to treasure.

Trash to treasure: A nest of wire bits lost in winter, plowed into a berm, and recovered from brush along our driveway.

My first response, I think, was disappointment. I don’t like the careless handling of trash, and I really don’t like it on my driveway. But as I collected the many stray, uniform pieces that had separated from the nest, I realized what it was: pre-cut wire, roughly ten-inch lengths, probably from the power or phone company, and possibly galvanized to prevent rusting. Except for a few dry leaves trapped in the nest, the wire is pristine, no mud, no muck.

Then I started to see possibilities: twist ties for the garden and fences and—oh my!—the craft possibilities! If you’ve taken the Bookmarks 101 class, I’ll bet you can think of some good uses for it, too.

So this is trash I will treasure. The Coke can, on the other hand, will get recycled along with other cans I pick up on my walks to the mailbox.

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  1. Becca

    It’s a motherlode! You will have fun with that!

    April 30, 2011 @ 7:24 am

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